Monday, November 9, 2009

Party of "No"

Conservatives and the Republican party have really come up empty several serious issues facing the country. Empty is probably too nice, it is more like vacuum of space, when it comes to ideas to solve the countries problems.

Their standard answer seems to be "No" without offering any specific counter proposal. Luckily, this a country based on progress. On moving forward. We all firmly believe things can be improved. That they can be done better.

So on Healthcare, Afghanistan, Jobs, Education and Improving the standard of living, I encourage our readers it figure out just what exactly the "No" means and who it benefits in the long term. The "No" is frequently a narrow minded, status quo, heck-with-everyone-else kind of "No" as opposed to a I agree with the goal, but not the method "No" and here is my alternative proposal to get there.

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