Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jobs Summit Review: Too short for any meaningful dialogue

In my opinion, the jobs summit was simply too short for any meaningful dialogue on job creation. So, one has to assume is was a well intention political show. I would even suspect it was a back pocket contingency plan for when unemployment hit 10.0%.

Also the administrations job plan, which was announced later (December 8th) had several previously discussed components: Small Business lending, subsidies for new hires, infrastructure spending, and subsidies for home weatherization.

I also saw some incredible self-interest coming forward from almost every corporate "Business" leader. Many seems to view the effort as chance to directly lobby the president and cabinet. The selfish greed was almost disgusting.

The Labor leaders were much less self interested but talked in terms of generaility and slogans with out and real specifics.

The economists and acedemics rarely talked and give well known facts.

The administration officials expected the interest group behavior from the CEO's and handled it well. I believe it was a tact bargin by the White House to use the CEO's as cover in exchange for a trip to the White House and a 5 minute sound bite.

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