Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another neighbor lost his job

It is kind of funny when they talk about the recession. It is really a recession among the middle and even the upper middle class. This time the recession has reached a little higher.

My neighbor, the real estate lawyer, lost his job. He used to do locations for large big box retailers: sporting goods stores, toys, outlets, retailers, and new specialty retailers. Now he got cut. Another neighbor across the street used to marketing and advertising and now he drives a limo to the airport. Both are set since their wives work and the house is almost payed for but I can see loss of pride.

Both will be fine in the long run, but short term they have to cut back. The kids will get collage but not ivy league. No more eating out or movies. But I can see the psychological blow taking it toll. One guy has not hair and the other is prematurely grey. Well good luck to both.


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