Sunday, August 22, 2010

Paul Ryan's Roadmap for America's Future

Rep. Paul Ryans's Roadmap for America's Future

This is an evolving article as we dig deeper into the details. Paul Ryan appears to be the architect of the republican economic strategy.

The "roadmap" has three sections
Debt and Debt reduction strategies
Reducing health and retirement benefits and as a afterthought "Jobs and Competitiveness"

Part I

Every now and then you see an idea that sounds pretty good. And when it pops out from the Republicans, it can be surprising. Congress Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin-1, has several good ideas for controlling spending. He wants to cap Medicare spending and entitlements for the middle and upper class: those making more than $149,000. He says the government cannot afford the current policies. Makes sense right.

Well he is right economically. Politically, the key to Medicare and social security is broad based, public support. As long as everyone get something, we can support the program. But heaven forbid that someone gets a handout, that I am not getting. That is waste, welfare and breeds a culture of dependency.

But I do admire Mr. Ryan for trying. Considering his party is bankrupt of any new economic ideas, he does twist some old ones.

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