Sunday, September 12, 2010

We know what works; We just don't like it: It's hard work

I had quick chat with my local bartender who's from Ireland and we disagree about many subjects. But we agree on what works: education, innovation, and entrepreneurship. And by education, we mean the traditional liberal arts education that helps you think through and solve problems.

We agree that new jobs are very personal, one-on-one, jobs and high touch, value added jobs that cannot be shipped overseas. We agree the free trade pacts are good in principle but devastating in reality. We also agree that basic jobs require a living wage. That's simple. Corporations must share the wealth and profits to labor and pay a living wage. It turns out that labor not corporation are the "business" of

It will be tough on new entrants to the job market so acquaintanceships and skills bridging opportunities are required. But jobs are now becoming a valuable commodity and must be treated the same way. The demand for "good" jobs has never been higher, we must manager this valuable resource for the benefit of all.

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