Sunday, October 10, 2010

Soft hards and Easy jobs

Someone told me I have "soft hands" and that I have not done a hard days worth of work in my life. Well I do work hard, just not with my hands. Everyone wants a nice, cushy job sitting in a cool/warn office and typing on a computer. It looks like an easy job. And it is an easy job compared to how jobs used to be.

We cannot imaging what is was like to pick cotton or oranges by the pound, work on an assembly or in mine digging coal or on the railroad tracks as a "gandy dancer" (maintenance worker). Old jobs were hard, dirty, sweaty and paid crap.

It turns out that almost all jobs are easy now. Government regualtions, power equipment, and cheap motive power have turned may hard jobs into easy ones. Tell me how skinny people you see at a construction site these days. Even day laborers have add some pounds from when the arrived in the US.

Today, every job is an easy job compared to how things used to be. Every job has safety regulations, breaks, decent pay and very little heavy lifting. Jobs where you directly handle the product are rare. Jobs where you really work hard are even rarer.

Look at the size and shape of the avverage construction work, wherehouse employee or maintenance work. Not to many skinny people are there ?? If fact I think the best all around job from a fitness point of view is postal worker or UPS delivery truck drive, but that is for another post.

Yet, we as Black people, have been condition to look down on contstruction, building trades, engineering, maintenance work and delivery person. There are all good paying jobs which are now "easy" jobs. It is all in how define what an easy job is. There are lot's of other easy jobs as well where you still work with your hands and make good money.

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