Saturday, December 3, 2011

Newt Gingrich says "Poor people need jobs"

The story is here. Here.
and here.

Well, maybe Newt did not exactly say the right thing, but he does have a point about work and jobs being part of raising and developing children to be happy, productive citizens.

Actully, Newt, total screwed up a really good point by saying instead, poor people only want illegal jobs and we should abolish child labor laws.

Gingrich is right but also wrong. His is right: Kids should have jobs so they can learn the value of work. In fact everyone who wants to work should have a decent job with good pay. He is also right about jobs in our community should stay in our community. I see lots of people working in our communities: Construction, police, shopkeepers, teachers but none of them live there or look like me. He is wrong about abolishing child labor laws or cutting taxes on the wealthy which would do nothing to fix the cycle of poverty problem. Truth is: Is just playing the race/class card to fire up his crazy base, but at least Newt is interesting.

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