Sunday, December 2, 2012

Republicans: Low Income = Welfare

The Congressional Research Service has issued a comprehensive list of government program that benefit low-income Americans. And the Republicans quickly classified it as "welfare." They completely ignore, middle class welfare (mortgage deduction) or corporate welfare (R&D) tax credit or upper class welfare (low capital gains taxes).

CRS Report on Low-Income Federal Spending. The report has a comprehensive list of all low income programs sponsored by the Federal government.

They still have no fundamental policy on helping poor people.  Their answer is the usual collection of approved behaviors: stay in school, work hard, and get married. Funny part is that based on their ideology,  they may not be able to create one.

Anyway, here is the basic problem I have with the way Republicans have characterized this report. Any government activity that helps poor or low-come people is "welfare."  And not the "good" kind that keeps poor elderly and disabled people from starving or sends bright kids with no money to college. No, their image of welfare is that of the moocher who does not deserve anything because of low morals and bad choices. It just goes back to Romney's 47% remark.  "We Republicans have no responsibility for the poor."

Anyway, here is mis-labeled list of program to benefit low-income Americans.

CRS Report on Welfare spending.

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