Sunday, January 13, 2013

What's work for ? Work value beyond a wage.

What is work for ?
Work empowers people and make them feel good about accomplishing something 

Let people earn a living.
 Pays a decent wage.
 Creates or performs something other value
 Creates self esteem and self worth.
Provides positive role model for family and children.
Feel useful.
 Improves personal health
 To make a profit to add value to society
 Creates a positive image in the eyes of society
 to add value/make a profit to/for employer
 to make your boss look good
 Learn skills.
Social skills, business skills, life skills.
 Learn by doing.
 Networking and contacts
 Make friends
 Meet new people
 Pay taxes
 Pay for healthcare
 Pay for housing
 Spend money at other businesses.
Multiplier effect of earnings..
 Vote more often
 Don't take benefits
Commit less crime
Reduce support and benefits from the government including welfare, unemployment, housing

 We are building the case for government creating jobs as employer of last resort. 

And what should people work on: infrastructure, environmental project, energy efficiency, research and education.

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