Sunday, May 5, 2013

Economic Reasons are five of the top ten reasons for joining the military

We, at the Evil Black Economis,t have been thinking about guaranteed jobs program with the government as the employer of last resort. So we are looking at the government programs that most closely resemble a jobs programs: the military, homeland security and civilian criminal justice (police, fire, and corrections).  Each of these job classes produces little to no value added in society or contributes to GDP other than through salaries.

We believe these areas, which are really cost avoiders, are perfect examples of government jobs programs.

Here are the top ten reasons to enlist in the armed forces.  This list was taken from a military recruiter on the website. So it boils down to one expert opinion.

Here is the list.  Reason which are economic in nature tagged with an "E".

Education ([E]conomic)
Money (E)
Medical Coverage (E)
Career (E)
Travel and Adventure
Sense of Direction
Real World Skill (E)
Other but Military Related - Like the idea, weapons and technology, a challenge, friend or family member is in the service, etc.

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