Friday, September 13, 2013

Conservatives have been wrong about every major government policy over the last 50 years

The Evil Black Economist was reading a story about the affordable care act(ACA - Obamacare). In the article someone pointed out that conservatives have been wrong about every major public policy over the last 80 years. We immediately thought: that cannot be possible.  So we tried to find a counter example and tried and triedand tried...

Here is what conservatives have been wrong about...

Integrated armed forces
Civil RIghts
The New Deal
Social Security
Food Stamp
Unemployment Insurance
Enviromental protection
Food and Drug laws
Minimum Wage
Child labor laws, OSHA, 40 hour work week
Marriage Equality

What they have gotten right...

General support for business and the economy(all adiministrations)
National Highway system(eisenhower)
No Child Left Behind(Bush)
Pubic Safety (all conservatives emphasis public safety, usually overdoing it like stop and frisk or spending too much money on local police when there is no crime)
Counter Terrorism(too much money wasted on contractors and privacy invasion)
Family Values (except Marrige Equality)


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