Friday, August 26, 2016

House Republicans Release Welfare Plan -- June 07, 2016

On June 7th, 2016, the House Republicans released their proposals on poverty and welfare reform. The proposals seek to cut costs, push more people to work and give more control to local governments.

The goal of the proposals seem to be to provide cover for the Republicans on an issue sensitive to the public. The proposal are standard Republican ideas: Make people work for benefits regardless of their conditions, cut the amount of money and turn everything into a block grant for the states,

Some of the goals have an almost complete disconnect from the real lives of people living in poverty.

For example: Goal #2: "Promote opportunity for every American to get ahead and stay ahead by removing government barriers to success." I am just scratching my head trying to think of government barrier that keeps people in poverty.

Goal #4. Support and protect healthy families and a vibrant civil society; This is just meaningless "Apple Pie" gibberish.  There is no policy here. So, do the unhealthy or people without families get NO support and NO protection. Does a vibrant civil society include voter suppression.

Goal #7. "Fight fraud that comes at the expense of the needy." The truth is fraud is very small. Pure, intentional welfare fraud is in the range of 1-2% and is small in comparison to defense department fraud.

Any way you can real them yourself.

Official Webpage for Task Force

A Better Way PDF

It makes you kind of wish the Republicans put some thought into their proposals so we could have an honest and construction debate. But this stuff is fish wrapping material.

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