Thursday, March 4, 2010

Employment by Gender and Occupational Category

Here is a nice comparison of occupational where men work and women work. The following chart compares the occupations of men and women by race.

There are some notable features of the first chart. Women are almost nonexistent in the fields of farming, production and maintenance. Women dominate office support and sales occupations. Blacks are concentrated in transportation and material handling occupations while Hispanic men are prevalent in farming, construction and maintenance. Asian men are concentrated in the professional ranks. One can also see the large difference between Black and Hispanic men and White and Asian men in the management and professional category. Among women the differences are not so great.

The next chart shows differences by gender within th same race.

The chart show that the deficit of female workers in farming, production and maintenance is consistent across all races. Asians had the smallest difference between male and female occupations. Hispanics had the largest difference.

Managers and financial professionals still tend to be men but women are much more likely to be professionals and office workers. Men dominate construction, maintenance and repair and transportation and material handling occupations. Women have almost no presence in those categories.

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