Saturday, March 13, 2010

I got a job

I now have a job so I guess I can remove the "unemployed" from the description of the blog. The job is with a computer consulting company doing support work for a large pharmaceutical company. One disappointing thing is that I am the only Black person and the only person on the team who did not grow up in India. There are no women on the team and few in the industry. The job pays a good amount of money, so I don't quite understand why the talent pool is so limited. I would think people would be busting down the door to do this kind of work.

I have a long commute so I get plenty of time to ponder the issues. Basically, I believe it boils down to backgound preparation and then job information and contacts. To do the job you need a computer background such as programming or business analysis. The Whites in the field typically have business knowledge and experience. They come from the business. While the Indians have studied computer since high school. There seems to be no capacity for business or education to develop people for these jobs in the US.

In terms of job information, I think the average person in the US is completely unaware of the computer systems that run large business and government institutions. Everything is invisible.

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