Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Black Managers in Starbucks

Black Managers Convention at Starbucks

So nice to see a Black store manager in Starbucks. Pretty heavy volume in a tourist area but they coped well. And Bam! The Black female district manager walks in to check out the store. The go through the usual stuff checking the store displays against the plan-o-gram. Whatching the crowd and flow of the customers. Checking the equipment and the general cleanliness.

I can't help but thinking how tight the job market is, where really sharp people are forced to work in Starbucks. More good potential wasted. Well shoot, I guess I am happy for Starbucks. At least they offer an opportunity unlike the IBEW local number 3 guys sitting at the next table. That's why I support Starbucks, Target, Wal-art, JC Penny and just about any retail-chain. Because they disriminate a lot less in hiring.

When I compare the mangers and the union guys, I cannot help but wonder who makes more money and who is smarter. But the union guys have the hook-up and know how to play the game. Educations has nothing to do with it. The union guys spend all their time talking about this connection or that scam. About how to avoid this jobs, change the paperwork or who is building that condo. They are constantly focus on the next job. All about the business.

And, I always wonder how Trump, Buffet, Gates or the Koch brothers would do working in Starbucks or MacDonald's. That group would do much better in the union.

Anyway, I just hope the Starbucks managers have some sort of training and development program to allow people to progress past district manager. Or find jobs outside of Starbucks. Good luck.

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