Monday, March 28, 2011

The rich are different from you an me...

They have more money.

Today I walked near $200 million dollars in maga-yachts docked in St. Thomas at while coming back from Pueblo Supermarket where I saved $2.50 on some Ginger Beer. These guys cruise around the caribbean on the mega-ultra luxury yacht so they can drink a crona at different bars around the the region.

Is there some thing more constructive they could do than burn gas sailing around the islands helping the cayman island government steal tax revenue. In fact there is something unsettling about a country like the Cayman islands that has to basic help the rich and criminal class avoid taxes, launder money and avoid international standards for boating.

Apparently, while many yachts sale under the Cayman islands "flag of convenience" they still register with the US coast guard when they are in port in case any real trouble happens. I say let them call the Cayman Island Coast Guard. Or let them pay their fair share of real taxes.

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