Monday, May 30, 2011

The words "Poor People"

This Blog uses and will continue to use the words "Poor People", because that's what they are. In our society and around the world the poor are relatively poor and getting poorer. They are economically poor. They do not have equal income, resources, information, and most important opportunity. Their beliefs and behaviors are little different from the rich yet their total happiness is much less. We in the press cannot hiding behind such phrases as "the working poor", income challanged, underprivileged, under resourced, 3rd world, and developing world. We need to use "poor" appropriately.

Unfortunately, many right wings folks imply that poor also means poor values. Or poor intelligence. They have turned "poor" into lesser than or inferior. You can hear they them say, "If only they behaved like White people, everything would be fine." The reality is that the poor often behave more like the rich than the rich themselves. I find the rich and the Republicans lack of responsibility for poor peoples plight completely self centered and short-sighted.


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