Monday, June 27, 2011

Pepper Miller BIO

Pepper Miller

Pepper Miller is a long time marketing research, focus groups and advertising executive who has spent her career helping fortune 500 companies market their products to African-Americans. She has been outspoken with regard to Blacks as a separate target audience. Much of her research is on marketing to Blacks as a separate cultural group. Her strength has been the complex world of marketing research and focus group analysis.

Marketing research is the process of applying statistical methods to analyze qualitative data from consumer to better market products.

She encourages Blacks to consider marketing research as a career choice. She also has a scholarship to sponsor Blacks interested in marketing research.

She founded the Chicago based, Hunter-Miller group in 1985. Here is a link to Hunter-Millers website.

Her clients have included: American Airlines, GM, Ford, Johnson & Johnson and Proctor and Gamble. You can read the complete list on the website.

She has worked on the Radio One / Yankelvich study of the Black Consumer Market called the Black America today: 2008, a market segmentation study.

In 2005, She co-authored a book, with Herb Kemp, called “What’s Black about ? Insights to increase your share of a changing African American Market”
Here is an interview she gave in 2006.

Here is a nice piece from rolling out magazine and website. Here.

Here is some info on a more advertising oriented competitor, Carol Williams, Here.

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