Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jack Welch is the next Donald Trump

When the September 2012 jobs report,  Jack Welsh (former CEO of GE – 1981 to 2001), sent a twitter message questioning the accuracy of the results. He even suggested the results were manipulated to benefit the Obama administration. The funny part is that Neutron Jack’s ignorant comments abouth unemployment statistics makes everyone questions his reputation and leadership at GE. Is Jack Welch really a have talent or is he just another lucky, rich guy.

You then have to ask was firing 100,000 US GE employees strategic or lucky ?  Was replacing them with 100,000 off shore employees strategic or lucky ? Were GE profits under Welch, pumped-up by financial risk taking by GE Capital taking ?

Either way Mr. Welch has moved in to the Donald Trump category of business leader: business leader as entertainer.

So how are the statistics collected ?. By a panel of experts who work for the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

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