Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jay-Z's money and charitable donations

We will leave it up to you the reader to decide if Jay-Z should donate more money to charity.

Shawn Carter ("Jay-Z") is reported to have a net worth between $440 million and $576 million. Forbes has estimated his fortune at $460 Million (April, 2012).  Jay-Z was in the news recently for directly contributing only $6000 to his own scholarship fund headed by his mother. It was report by the Daily.  However, Jay-Z donated performances in support of various charities including raising $250,000 during one concert.

Here are some charities Mr. Carter has made donations to as either cash or performance time.

According to, Shawn Carter has donated to

PlayPumps - African water supplies - Fundraising concernt in November 2006
Boys and Girls Clubs
Music for Relief
Red Cross - $1 million for Hurricane Katrina Relief
Grammy Foundation
Broadway Cares/Equity fights AIDS
Artists for Peace and Justice
NYC widows and orphans fund -  Answer the call concert - 2009

Jay-Z has also taken heat for profiting from Occupy Wall Street t-shirts.  However, Jay-Z did hold a fundraiser for president Obama. He also closed the Para Olympics in London.

Actor and activist Harry Belafonte has also questioned the Carters record of giving in this piece in the Hollywood Reporter.

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