Monday, November 7, 2016

Laundry List of Hillary Clinton's and Donald Trump's Economic Policies

I have to vote tomorrow in New Jersey. I went from Bernie to Hillary to Jill Stein and then back to Hillary.  Hillary needs a mandate to govern.

To prepare for voting I went through every economic policy from the websites of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  No judgments were made about the quality of the proposed programs. 

Economic Policies of Hillary Clinton


- Ensure the wealthy and corporations pay more
4% surcharge tax on $5 million or more
30% minimum tax rate on incomes of $1 million or more
Close tax loopholes used by the rich like stepped up basis on estates, offshore tax avoidance schemes and using derivatives trading to reduce taxes
Eliminate the carried interest tax loophole
Restore estate tax; eliminate stepped up basis

Child Related

Double child tax credit to $4000
- Provide tax credits for affordable housing
Limit child care expenses to 10 percent of income

Corporations, Financial Institutions, Small Business, and Manufacturing

Additional risk fees on large financial institutions
End overseas inversions. Pay exit tax when they leave the US. Stop Earning stripping
Use Treasury department to stop inversions
Offer manufacturing tax credits
Reward companies that invest in the US or bring back jobs
Close tax loopholes for oil and gas. Promote clean energy
Allow small businesses to immediately deduct some expenses. Simplify small business returns
Support small business, advanced manufacturing, and startups
$1500 tax credit for apprenticeships
Spend $275 billion over five years on infrastructure investments: Roads, public transit, airports, energy and internet networks.


Make college debt free. Eliminate current student debt
- Make college free now, if you make less than $85,000. Free public college tuition for those making $125,000 or less by 2021. 
Free tuition at community colleges
- Provide $25 billion for HBUCs and Hispanic Colleges

Minimum Wage and Labor

Raise the minimum wage and get rid of tipped minimum wage
General support for unions and labor
Tax relief for working families


Support public investment in R&D
Refinance students loans at  current low rates
Have companies share profits with workers
- Give green cards to STEM masters and Ph.D. degrees graduates and visas for entrepreneurs

Economic Policies of Donald Trump

Create a booming economy. Boost growth to 3.5% on average
Create 25 million new jobs

Individual taxes

Pro-growth tax plan. Reduce taxes across the board especially for working and middle-class Americans.
Reduce tax brackets from 7 to 3: 12%, 25%, and 33%
Proposed a tax cut of $4.4 Trillion ($2.6 Trillion with growth). $1.8 trillion in trade, energy, and regulatory reform savings. $800 billion in other cuts.
Carried interest is treated as ordinary income
Repeal 3.8% tax on investment income. Repeal alternative minimum tax(AMT).
Increase standard deduction to $30,000 for married filers and $15,000 for singles.
Repeal estate taxes. Capital gains over $10 million would be taxed. Repeal special treatment of appreciated assets donated to charity.
Offer spending rebates for child care expenses for people receiving the EITC
Ensure the rich pay their fair share.

Child Related

Eliminate special interest loopholes. Reduce business taxes
Deduct average child care or eldercare costs from taxes
50% match of child savings accounts

Regulatory Reform

Create a modern regulatory framework. Reduce anti-growth regulations
Impose a moratorium on new regulations. Agency and department heads will remove needless, job-killing regulations.
Scrap clean power plan regulations

Trade Policy

Promote an America first trade policy
All trade agreements must increase the GDP growth rate, reduce the trade deficit and strengthen US manufacturing base.
Actively enforce trade agreement violations
Renegotiate NAFTA
Enforce WTO rules against china for currency manipulation and industry subsidies using tariffs and taxes


Energy plan
Support coal and fracking. Support energy development on federal lands.
Ease energy regulations. Streamline permitting process.
Allow the free market to determine energy technologies, not government

Business Taxes 

Lower business taxes from 35% to 15%.
Bring back off-shore profits at 10% rate
Eliminate corporate tax subsidies except for R&D


Reduce non-defense, non-safety net government spending by 1% each year for ten years.

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