Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Trump and Jobs: Trump makes it look easy


We can't believe how fast some of these corporations folded when confronted by Trump over jobs. If it was this easy to get companies to create US job, why didn't Obama do it. 

Obama blew a golden opportunity. After his jobs summit, he could have seized the moment. Instead he got distracted by other issues.  He was blocked by the Republicans. And never really returned to jobs.

It seems the president's education and training caused him to be overly analytic and cerebral regarding jobs. Jobs are the most emotional issue of all. Instead, he listened to his economic advisers who said recovery is just around the corner. But someone who has lost their job does not want to hear statistics and reports. They want Bill Clinton saying "I feel your pain". Obama should have been hammering home the jobs issue and pounding the "do-nothing congress." . 


Regardless of how many actual jobs he saves, Trump has won because it appears like he is doing something for the working man. Donald Trump cares about me.

We progressives know something is going on with these big corporations.  But we just can't figure it out. 

Why are these companies caving so fast to Trump ?

1) Are they afraid of bad press ?
2) Are they afraid of alienating crazy Trump and his supporters ? 
3) Could they carry out a successful boycott that progressives could not ? 
4) Are corporate CEOs just great big suck ups?

Our money is on #4.  CEOs have gotten to the top by sucking up to people in power. They have spent their whole careers kissing the right cheeks.  So when trump comes along they only do what comes naturally. 

Anyway, here are the stories on Trumps jobs saving activities. Wish we could find a story called "Obama saved my job" but we can't. 

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