Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Wait, am I being manipulated by advertising targeting Black consumers ?

Just found this on the web.

Which of the eleven Black consumer groups do you fall in? Maybe "Black is Better" or "Connected Black Teens." How about "Faith Fulfills" or "Stretched Black Straddlers"? A 2008 Radio One / Yankelovich Black Market Segmentation Study can tell you which consumer group you belong to. 

In June of 2008, Radio One and Yankelovich conducted a marketing segment study of American Blacks.  Marketing segment studies are common in the advertising world. They are also kept secret and usually never made public. For example, Phillip Morris and Lorillard targeted Black consumers with menthol cigarettes which were considered "cool" based on marketing studies.

Segmentation studies are used tailor advertising messages to appeal to different groups.  They are also used to target ad spending to generate the best results. For example, you don't want to spend money on ads targeting people who hate your product and believe it causes impotence . You want to spend money on people who will give you their last dollar with a little motivation. Verizon is always running feel good ads on Black shows.

What's rare is to have a comprehensive and detailed study fully published on the internet. Especially a study about what Black People think, feel and believe. Some of the appeals to emotions and beliefs in the study are a little creepy. But, hey, my beliefs are my own, right? Wait am I being manipulated ?

Anyway, it's kind of interesting

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