Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Black Talk Radio Stations

As a writer, I sometimes have a lot of time on my hands.  To kill some of that time, I listen to Black Talk radio.  There are some good stations out there but nothing like when I was growing up.

I grew up listening to Mary Mason in Philadelphia on WHAT 1340 AM, and Cathy Hughes on WOL 1450 AM when I lived in DC and Gary Byrd on WLIB 1190 AM during my time in New York City. That was good radio.

Here is a list of Black Talk Radio stations I check in on via the internet.

900 AM - WURD, Philadelphia
1690 AM - WVON, Chicago
1380 AM - WAOK, Atlanta (CBS)
1450 AM - WOL, Washington DC (Newsone)
1010 AM WOLB, Baltimore (Newsone)
1200 AM WCHB, Detroit (Newsone)
Sirius XM Urbanview (Pay wall)

You really have to hand it to Cathy Hughes, the found of Radio One.  She purchased WOL in DC and continued to build an empire of Black radio stations.  Her story is one of the most inspiring in the media business.

Radio Ones corporate site is here.

Radio One is one of the few Black managed publically traded companies.

PS. One of the stupidest moves I have ever made in my life was not listening to Cathy Hughes. When she was on the air in DC, she constantly invited members of the community to join the ownership of WOL. I chose not to participate in WOL for whatever lame excuse I had at the time. Boy was I stupid.

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