Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Black Workers Struggle in Los Angeles According to New Report from UCLA

New report shows damage from unemployment in the Black community

The UCLA labor center and the LA Black Worker Center released a new report detailing how Black workers are struggling in Los Angeles County.  Overall Blacks have lost employment and population in Los Angeles.  Many jobs Blacks held in manufacturing have moved overseas.  In Construction, Blacks have largely been replaced by Latinos. The high unemployment and low incomes have long term sociological and health effects on Black people in Los Angeles.

Among the report highlights...

"Blacks with a high school education or less have double the rate of unemployment as Whites."

"1 in 10 Black workers with a higher degree are unemployed."

"Many Black workers in low-wage jobs earn less than White workers in similar postions." "Blacks earn on 75% of what Whites earn."

The report also highlight Blacks leaving Los Angeles for the Inland Empire. About 250,000 Blacks have moved to the Inland Empire.

The study proposes solutions such as creating high-paying, quality, accessible jobs. Expanding hiring benchmarks for under represented groups. And partnerships with institutions to implement targeted outreach, recruitment and retention programs.

The the UCLA labor center report is available here.

LA Times has a nice summary.

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