Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Obama's Disappointing Sellout to Wall Street for $400K

The Evil Black Economist Blog is disappointed that Barak Obama will take $400,000 for making a speech to a Wall Street firm. We all feel hurt and betrayed. Obama, the first Black president, is a role model.  He should have displayed stronger morals and principles. He should have more class.

In the past, Mr. Obama has given speeches during his campaign supporting progressive economic causes.  He has spoken out again against income inequality, wall street greed, and money in politics. He liked to portray himself as a community organizer; a man of the people.

Now, he is trampling on his legacy.  His presidential legacy. The move make him look like a money grubbing suck up. Valarie Jarret would have known better.

The Obama's did not need the money. He and Michelle just signed a $65 million dollar book deal.  He has been hanging out on the private island of Billionaire Richard Branson. He has penty of offers to speak. But it's the speed and size of the sellout that has everyone worried.

He couldn't find a good charity or liberal group to talk to ? It had to be a Wall street firm ? It makes you wonder if his values and beliefs were an act. Does he really stand for anything ?

Lets hope he releases the text of the speech and donates the money.

Cantor Fitzgerald. Cantor is a wall street financial services firm that specializes in financial trading.


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