Monday, February 22, 2010

Looking for a Story: Ask "Why?" or "Was it Fair ??"

Writing a blog is a pain in the neck. You are always looking for a story.

I noticed this morning, while I was looking for something to write about, that comparing racial groups and disparities was a nice quick story. In this case I was looking at some of data about employment by industry. Certain groups are more prevalent in certain industries. You can look at Whites in farming, Black barbers or Asian computer professionals.

The results always makes a good story. It makes a raw comparison of different groups in an "objective" manner and points out the winners and losers. Boy, what fun. My group is better than yours. Ha, Ha. Or as my kids say "Nanny-Nanny Poo Poo."

But there are much more complex and inciteful questions to ask such as "Why is that ?" and "It is fair?" Was the competition fair ?? Was it organized in a clear and transparent manner ? Does the competition benefit the larger society ?? Did the benefits accrue to all members of society ??

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