Monday, February 22, 2010

Where we work: Employment by Race and Gender and Gender and Race for 2008

Every wonder where different people work ?? Or what would make a good career for the long term ?? (yeah, I know, health care!!) But it is interesting to look at the distribution of employment by race and gender.

With these charts we will start to look in detail at employment by industry for different genders and races. The next set of charts will add more employment categories. And then a close look at employment in detail in certain SIC codes. Finally, we want to look at the trends over time.

We will then speculate about why certain trends exist. Lastly, we will look the employment projections and determine what would be a good field for long-term employment.

We will probably not look at education, since educational effects are pretty cut and dried. College educated workers have an unemployment rate one fourth that of high school drop out. Educational will be covered separately.


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