Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Navy is the easiest place to cut

The best place to cut the military is the Navy. They are the largest service. They have huge capital expenditures. They produce relatively few jobs for the money spent. And they have relatively little impact in a land warfare world.

Nine out of ten of the worlds navies are allies of the united states. And the tenth, China, is in love with the shipping container. The would rather have world trade than Taiwan.

The Navy, is currently looking for a mission. It is close to irrelevant in the global war on terror or the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

currently there are thirteen Battle Carrier Battle Groups and about 320,000 active personnel. There are an astounding 200,000 civilian employees. An probably another 200,000 contractors (20% of 500K personnel). That's an incredible 700,000 people.

Another huge waste of money is our submarine fleet. Especially our Nuclear submarine fleet. These sub are clearly left over from another age with no strategic purpose.

We should reduce our Carrier Battle groups to either while keeping the current ones on station longer. We should reduce out sub fleet by 50%-75% to approximately twice that of next largest sub fleet. Any we should consider closing some of the non strategic bases around the globe.

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