Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stop giving freebies !!! Your opinion is worth money.

No free marketing research.

Head's up. Do not give away your opinion for free. Companies have lots of smart people who sit around all day and try to get the consumer to buy stuff they don't need. One way to do that is called marketing research where they try to "understand" their customers. I used to get paid about $50 bucks to fill out surveys or sit in a room for a focus group.

Now they want a free pop-up survey or they offer some coupons. All those free giveaways or gift cards or pop-up surveys are a scam to get free marketing research. Right when you impression is the strongest. Do not give it away for free.

Refuse to answer any questions. Do not give your zip code or any personal information. Ask if they will pay you to fill out the survey or give you free merchandise.

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