Monday, July 23, 2012

Corporate Crime Watch

Just a general round-up of recent corporate crime and malfeasance

Libor rate setting scandal
Best coverage is at the Financial Times.

Wells Fargo Mortgage Discrimination

Well Fargo settled a discrimination suit with the department of justice for $175 million. The DOJ charged a pattern or pracitce of discrimination aginst Black and Latino borrowers who were steered to sub-prime mortgages and paid higher fees or rates than whites. Department of Justice Press Release.

HSBC laundering Mexican drug profits. There is a little less coverage of HSBC laundering money for Mexico drug lords and handling transactions for Iran and Syria.
Al-jazeera has the story.

UPS / Fedex price fixing has been alledged by a 3rd party shipping consultant called AFMS. Here is that story.

Glaxo Smith Kline was fined 3.0 Billion dollars for misrepresenting products. This story is from the NY Daily News but come from AP.

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