Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pavlina Tchemeva - Government fiscal policy must directly create jobs and promote full employment

Economist Pavlina Tchemeva from Bard College is a long time advocate for full employment. What's interesting is that she believes Keynes was too.  She has said that Keynes original intent on employment was reduced to simply "using fiscal stimulus to increase aggragate demand during a recession." Instead Keynes was advocating something closer to full emploument.

She is also is a critic of "trickle-down" economics saying it's never quite works.

Here is a you tube interview at Institute for New Economic Thinking.

Her web page is here.

She has also published papers on using non-profits to create jobs. Full Employment through Social Entrepreneurship.

Another interesting paper is on creating aggrate demand though bottom up employment: Keyne's approach to Full Employment: Aggregate or Targeted Demand.

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