Saturday, December 24, 2016

Beth Macy covered the loss of Furniture Jobs in Factory Man

We know the corporate press does a terrible job of covering unemployment and poverty in the Black community.  Sadly, the press has done the same poor job covering economic issues that effect poor and working class people. Regardless of race. Way to go, press.

So it's refreshing to see a reporter, who covers the issues in detail, and still gets ignored.

Beth Macy worked for the Roanoke Times. She has become a noted speaker and writer on the impact of furniture imports on small, rural towns.

In Factory Man, Beth Macy writes about life in the Basset Furniture factory and the effect of the Chinese import shock.

Here is an article from the Roanoke Times about Bassett Furniture.

From 2013, A Factory town with no more Factories.

In 2012, John Bassett, 3rd tries to offer some advice for staying competitive after the furniture industry was crushed. Furniture magnate Bassett offers 5 keys to remaining competitive.

Here is Beth Macy at the Columbia Journalism School discussing why the important story was missed. Dart Center Interview with Beth Macy about Journalism and Trauma.

But even Beth Macy came to the story late.  Here is an opinion piece about TPP in the NY times.

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