Friday, December 23, 2016

Black Lives Matter announces Black Business Directory. Here are some others.

Backing Black Business

The Black Lives Matter(BLM) movement supports economic justice.  During the election they released a comprehensive economic justice proposal. You can read the BLM economic and political policies at "The Movement for Black Lives: Economic Justice". Now they have released a Black Business Directory called Backing Black Business.

To further support Black economic justice they are launching a Black Business Directory website. You can visit the site at Backing Black Business.  The site is very limited compared to current Black business directories. But it could potentially create a large national Black business list that encourages spending within the Black Community.

It will be interesting to see if the BLM "Brand" has the recognition to drive the business directory forward.

Adweek has a story on BLMs work with J Walter Thompson. The ad and creative industries centered in NY and LA, are notoriously White and non-diverse.  Over the years they have shifted to a higher percentage of female staff.

Here are some existing Black Business Directories.

Name                                                             Home base

Black Mall                                                     Chicago
Black Trade Lines                                          Los Angles
Buying Black                                                 Columbus, OH
National Back Guides                                    Delaware
   Delaware Black Guide                                                             
   Afro Philly Black Guide
I Am Black Business                                    Atlanta
St. Louis Black Business                              St. Louis              
DC, MD and VA Black Business                 DC, Maryland and Virginia
Support Black Owned                                  National               
Black Owned Business                        
Maggie's List                                                Chicago, National
South Florida Black Business Directory      South Florida


Crowd funding websites

BBnomics crowdfunding                         Black crowd funding site


Several of the directories also have apps for mobile Black business directory use.


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