Saturday, November 19, 2011

Black Consumer !!! Please try to take it easy on Black Friday

I am now convinced that the Black Consumer is one of the keys to improving out economic situation. The best way to do that is to hold a little more back, or spend a little more with black businesses. Or not spend at all and go out for a meal with family.

This year, let us resolve to go a little easy on Black Friday and over Christmas. The stores are really pushing sales this year. Christmas advertising is starting the second week in November. Retailers are really pushing sales. Macy's is out of control as usually.

But, when you, take a step back, you realize most of have everything we need. We don't need another jacket (I know some one with over 50) or pair of shoes (again over 150).

If you buy, check the label. Try a get a quality item that is made in the US, versus some cheaper and lower quality item from overseas. Also, try to buy from coutries other than China which sells over 80% of the imported low-value consumer items in teh US. Spread the wealth around to other struggling countries like Haiti.

So, if you are going to shop, shop with a friend and enjoy the experience. Talk a little more and buy a little less. Stop for a bit to eat. But this year go easy.

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