Saturday, November 19, 2011

Black Economic Goals

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I just realized when writing I need some moral standards and guiding principals that we black people, as economic actors, should aspire to achieve. You cannot tell someone: "No, don't do that", without offering an alternative.

The number one goal for black people is the largest amount of happinesss for the most black people. On a personal level this means: above average happiness as measured by indicators. This include health, friends and family, material wealth and human development.

There is also a larger societal goal of contributing to the black community, society, and making society better for others.

Friends and familiy
Material Wealth

Safe home or Apartment
Car or Bicycle
TV, Oven, Refridgerator
2 week of clothes

Black people should be no less than 15% below the average unemployment rate, income and home value.

Human Development

80% post high school education rate (college, trade school)

societal goals
Join one black organization
Attend church
volunteer 10 times a year
Vote or participate in school events

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