Sunday, February 12, 2012

Military job cuts will have a major impact on the economy

I just read that the US military establishment could be facing a $1 Trillion dollar cut over 10 years rather than just $500 billion. The cuts have been need for a long time. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were a poor use of the countries resources. We have NO enemies any more. The were no war-level conflicts around the globe. And the US military is 10 times the size of our closest competitor. So the cuts are long over due.

We fully support the budget cuts of the military. We, here at the EBE, have long derided the military as a make work, jobs creation program for folks with few alternatives. Typical military recruits are high school educated, poor and minority. We could face some serious upheaval if those 100,00 jobs are eliminated.

We just worry about the impact of dumping 100,000 low skilled people on the job market. They better have a plan to create some jobs to replace all the mikitary jobs that get eliminated.

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