Friday, February 25, 2011

Evil Black Economist Expands

Over the past year, we have noticed several gaps in our coverage that did not quite fit on this blog, The Evil Black Economist. So we have expanded to cover these other, related topics.

1. The news stories and references I write about really belong on a different site, so here it is: Black Business and Economic News.

2. I have always wanted to start a business, but, I don't like working hard. Instead, I will just sit my big butt down and write a blog instead. This blog is about employment opportunities for self-employment.

The US still has the most opportunity of any large economy. We take the most immigrants. We have the most millionaires. I still see tons of opportunities. Here are some: Businesses you can start.

3. Black economic research topics. We always have loads of a research ideas going on but not enough time or money to follow through. And here is the Link.

4. Black economic research. Here is a list of academic articles, websites and researchers we like. Link.

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