Friday, February 25, 2011

Working by the book

Have you noticed how many people these days are working by the book. They do only the acceptable minimum. Then they happily add some irrelevant task or information that is a waste of time but acceptable to their employer.

They are always and seeking the lowest trouble route. There is no more above an beyond. I was in line at the store and an older, maybe 70, lady presented a $5 roll of dimes. The lady at the registrar opened the roll and counted out the dimes one by one.

I could not believe she didn't trust the old lady not to be off more than a dime or so. But that was not the point. Counting out the dimes was a nice easy job without any risk of thinking or messing up.

Or customer service, when they ask if I want an extra insurance policy on the BOOK I have just purchase.

Or the guy at the airport who rejects 50.5 pound bag.

Or the cop who writes up every infraction rather than give a warning.

Anyway, you got the idea. No one wants to mess-up any more, so everyone wroks by the book. They can't fire you for "following orders."

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