Friday, February 25, 2011

Morehouse College and Jobs and outsourcing

Well, I had to burn a vacation day to handle some personal business. I have a job interview this afternoon, but it gives me some un interuppted time to work on the Blog. Today I was trying to get my transcript from from Morehouse to apply here in NJ to teach math and business technology. What the heck "business technology is" is another perfect blog posting topic.

N-knee-way, on any corporate website, I always hit the job button and there were two computer jobs. One was for UNIX system administrator and the other was for network system administrator. I could not believe that Morehouse could not fill there jobs from within. They have an abundant resource of smart talent. In fact, a college, is one of the few institutional that should be able to supply almost all of it's own labor needs. Morehouse should be educating and training students for every single opening that have.

Or if they are not educating people for the job market, then they need to check their programs.

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