Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wanted: Mind Reader, X-ray vision and ability to fly

Maybe it is just me, but has anyone noticed that some of the want ads are asking for stuff that is darn near impossible. Some of the requirements far exceeds what is required or they asked for in the past. People with jobs are exploiting the market to get the beyond perfect candidate. They won't train or develop anyone internally or a smart new hire. Career development is dead. Instead they prefer to go to the open market and buy what they need. In a buyers market, I guess it works. But it doesn't seem like a good way to build employee loyalty.

It is also a little bit funny when people are asking for 7-10 years experience in the same job as a qualification, large team leadership ability for an analyst position or master degree and multiple professional certification for entry level postions. The people in the jobs doing the interviewing have none the same qualifications but have to ask the questions from the team interview guide with a straight face. Again buyers market.

I also think some companies with a lot of "churn" are also "fishing". They have permanent ads on monster, hotjobs, careerbuilder and dice looking for something better. Again a buyers market.


You have to wonder where it is all headed. In the short-term, employers are raising their hiring qualifications. In the long-term, hopefully employees will ask for more stability, training and career development in exchange for lower pay, innovation and long-term productivity.

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