Thursday, July 8, 2010

Easy money for Health Insurance Brokers

There is something strange about the health insurance brokers market. I just got seven phone calls from from health insurance brokers in less than two hours after looking for health insurance on-line.

I think I just stumbled across another easy money, no work scam. Health insurance brokers must be raking in easy money for little work, few qualifications and no value add. I guess I found out where all the "hot-money" mortgage brokers moved to. These guys also sound like the placement "brokers" who have presented job candidates to me in my former position. And currently "peddle" my resume to prospective employers.

So here is the story. A friend, who is currently, not working, as me to find some alternatives to the COBRA policy his old job offered. I went to which seems a little too snazzy. A good website does not self-promote (ie, run ads for itself) on it's own website. So, I was a little suspicious. I enter my basic info; birth date, tobacco use (yes, I Know, I am stupid) and wieght. It also asked me for my address and contact phone number which I entered without thinking.

The site gave me a couple of quotes in different price ranges. I review them briefly and then started watching the boondocks. Two minutes later, my phone started ringing of the hook. I got four calls in ten minutes asking me if I was looking for health insurance.

Someone had clearly thrown some meat in the shark tank. I declined the offers and explained I was just looking. One guy even called back to ask if I was sure I didn't need health insurance.

I hear the used car market is taking off in the recession. Maybe these guys can upgrade.


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