Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Where to look for jobs?? Look where H1-B visa holders work

Good paying jobs can be found in industries that employ H1-B workers.

The US issues visa to certain classes of foreign nationals to come for work. The visas are call H1-B visa and they are used to import workers in fields where the US has a shortage. The visa is for three years but is typically extended to six years. There are 65,000 H1-B visas issue each year. The visa is filled by highly educated foreign who have skills in areas where the US believes it has a shortage of workers. Skills like Math, Science and Information Technology.

The reasoning is that the imported workers provide missing skills to help the economy grow which benefits everyone. For example, one programmer may be the missing person on a large team launching a new website to sell sneakers. Ten other people at the company's jobs in marketing, manufacturing and finance may depending on the programmer who may not otherwise be available.

Also the programmer may buy a car, visit a doctor, rent and apartment and visit the local grocery store and pay taxes, all of which contribute to the economy. If the programmer, did not exist, there would be no secondary economic activity.

The imported workers can help an economy during periods of low unemployment. Corporation may also pay lower wage rates for H1-B workers thus helping increase there profits.

The number of imported foreign workers is small compared to the total US work force. Workers here as H1-B visa employees number less than 100,000. The total US work force is about 130 million. But the jobs pay well above the average wage.

In the US, we can also practice import subsitituion in the jobs market. The US currently imports a large number of workers in many high-tech fields such as engineering, math, sciences, nursing, biology, and medicine. The holders also include teachers and academics and Department of Defense contractors.

However, during high unemployment, the government reduces the number of imported foreign workers opening up jobs for US citizens in these same areas. So, if you are looking for a job consider one of the H1-B areas for employment.

The H1-B visa debate is a hot one. Here are some links to read about it.

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