Sunday, July 31, 2011

Discrimination against the long term unemployed

The New York Times had a story about discrimination in web job postings. The ads were asking for applicants that were currently working or had been recently laid off. They admitted that did not want the long-term unemployed to apply.

The story is here in the New York Times, July 26th, 2011 edition.

There are three things going on here:

Discrimination is here and real and wrong. Here is a clear, documented example of discrimination.

This discrimination shows some one of the effects of long-term unemployment. The unemployed may have their skills degrade. Employers and the public believe the long term unemployed are less qualified or may not want to work. And for the long-term unemployed there is a stigma is attached to being unemployed.

Finally, it is so rare to get a news story covering discrimination and unemployment, in the same story. I am glad some has the interest and guts to cover this story.

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