Saturday, July 16, 2011

The real debate in Washington and John Rawls

The "real" debate in Washington is not about the debt limit. The real debate is not even about the size of the government and which social programs. The debate is about government itself, especially the federal government, and whether it has a role in our lives. The republicans seems dead set against any form of government what so ever other than police, fire and the military.

They seems to dream of a lassiez-faire, winner take all society, where the "best" people do well and everyone else is on their own.

I would just ask that everyone at least consider John Rawls, veil of ignorance thought experiments. His experiment is brilliant.

Rawls basically asks what kind of society would you set-up if you did NOT know before hand what you position would be. He believes that people would chose a society with liberty and a certain level of equality. Also that society help the disadvantaged.

Here is a link to justice as fairness.

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