Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dropouts: The high cost to society of dropping out

NPR is about to start a series on people who drop out of high school. Dropouts have an enormous total cost on society. The series is here. Mr. Sanchez explores the true cost to society of the lost potential of dropouts.

The issue is a perfect microcosm for US society and it's growing inequality. You can just as easily switch "dropout" with poor person or Black or Hispanic person. I must congradulate Claudio Sanchez for finding a way to discuss what the majority do not want to discuss: The growing US underclass. The unwritten theme is what do we owe our fellow citizens ?

We love this new focus on education. Education is the one workable lever in the US for reducing inequality in society. The GOP has stopped all others. Everyone is pulling on the lever: Obama, Bill Gates, Congress, Bloomberg, Jeffery Canada. But no one knows what to do.

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