Monday, July 18, 2011

How to create jobs

The consulting firm Mckinsey & Company and the Atlantic Magazine have assembled some commentators to write about creating jobs. Here is the Link. Most of the comments are great ideas but difficult to implement. Some are self-serving and short sighted. Some are just warm and fuzzy like improve education or "invest in American Brain Power."

The two best ideas are job credits for hiring the long term unemployed and increase the inflation rate by a small percentage. The jobs subsidy might work if it was disguised as a tax-cut.

It is nice to know other people are struggling with this difficult issue.

By the way the Evil Black Economist also has a list of of unworkable proposals for creating jobs. We believe the way to increase jobs is a national infrastructure program, import limits(or more nationalistic consumption), import labor substitution, slightly higher inflation targets at the fed, job subsidies for hiring the unemployed, redirecting big business subsidies to small business, stricter anti-monopoly enforcement, create additional education jobs, and national healthcare. Just so we are on the record.

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